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A good night's sleep starts with a comfortable mattress - and a comfortable mattress starts with quality materials. When bedding manufacturers need mattress foam, they turn to D.E.M.P. Distribution. Our foam fabricating company in Denver, CO offers memory foam, specialty latex foam and a range of other products that are ideal for mattresses and upholstery.

Make us your first choice for mattress foam fabrication services.

Providing foam for mattresses of all shapes and sizes

Our foam fabricating company caters to manufacturers that make custom mattresses and specialized bedding. We can cut foam for:

  • Daybeds
  • Children's beds
  • Camper and trailer beds
When you order from us, you won't have to worry about cutting and shaping the foam to meet your needs. Just send us the measurements of your product and we'll provide quality mattress foam that meets your specifications.

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